Web Ranger: Google India Initiative more making internet safer

Web Ranger: Google India Initiative more making internet safer

"The internet is waiting for its future Web Ranger. So we've pushed the last date of entries to 20th January."

Web-Rangers is an initiative that brings together teenagers from across the country to spread awareness about cyber safety and have them create their own campaigns, promoting safe use of the internet.This is the official entry form of the Google Web Rangers India Contest..

The closing date for receipt of entries by Google has been extended till 20th January 2017, midnight (IST).

Aadhar is now Primary Identity proof

Aadhar is now Primary Identity proof

Government is preparing for making Aadhar Card as primary identity proof for opening bank account, withdrawling money from ATM and digital payment. This system can be implemented soon under Aadhar Act. Section – 57.

Aadhar Implementation with your 
Bank Account - Now its mandatory

For the implementation, it will be rectify in PMLA. Chief Ministers Council constituted by Niti Ayog is also agreed for making Aadhar as primary Id.

Garib Kalyan Yojna by PM of India

Garib Kalyan Yojana is another scheme of PM Modi. 

Under this scheme ,those who haven't announced their unaccounted income, now they can if they are willing to declare.

•This scheme will be valid up to 31st march 2017.

Bank Mini Statements on Your Mobile Without the Internet

Bank Mini Statements on Your Mobile Without the InternetGet Your Bank Mini Statements on 

Your Mobile Without the Internet

Dial * 99# to do basic Banking instantly. One can check balance for accounts, mini statement where the mobile number is registered & no internet required. Below are the direct codes for banks:

* 99* 41#-State Bank of India
* 99* 42#- Punjab National Bank
* 99* 43#-HDFC Bank
* 99* 44#-ICICI Bank
* 99* 45#-AXIS Bank
* 99* 46#-Canara Bank
* 99* 47#- Bank Of India
* 99* 48#-Bank of Baroda
* 99* 49#-IDBI Bank
* 99* 50#-Union Bank of India
* 99* 51#-Central Bank of India
* 99* 52#-India Overseas Bank
* 99* 53#-Oriental Bank of Commerce
* 99* 54#-Allahabad Bank
* 99* 55#-Syndicate Bank
* 99* 56#-UCO Bank
* 99* 57#-Corporation Bank
* 99* 58#- Indian Bank
* 99* 59#-Andhra Bank
* 99* 60#- State Bank Of Hyderabad
* 99* 61#- Bank of Maharashtra 
* 99* 62#- State Bank of Patiala
* 99* 63#- United Bank of India
* 99* 64#-Vijaya Bank
* 99* 65#-Dena Bank
* 99* 66#-Yes Bank
* 99* 67#-State Bank of Travancore
* 99* 68#-Kotak Mahindra Bank
* 99* 69#-IndusInd Bank
* 99* 70#- State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur 
* 99* 71#- Punjab and Sind Bank
* 99* 72#-Federal Bank
* 99* 73#-State Bank of Mysore
* 99* 74#-South Indian Bank
* 99* 75#-Karur Vysya Bank
* 99* 76#-Karnataka Bank
* 99* 77#-Tamilnad Mercantile Bank
* 99* 78#-DCB Bank
* 99* 79#- Ratnakar Bank
* 99* 80#-Nainital Bank
* 99* 81#-Janata Sahakari Bank
* 99* 82#-Mehsana Urban Co-Operative Bank
* 99* 83#-NKGSB Bank
* 99* 84#-Saraswat Bank
* 99* 85#-Apna Sahakari Bank
* 99* 86#-Bhartiya Mahila Bank
* 99* 87#- Abhyudaya Co-Operative Bank
* 99* 88#-Punjab & Maharashtra Co-operative Bank
* 99* 89#-Hasti Co-Operative Bank
* 99* 90#- Gujarat State Co-Operative Bank
* 99* 91#- Kalupur Commercial Co-Operative Bank.

Also, u can dial * 99* 99# to know your Aadhaar linking and Over Draft Status.

50% reservation in Bihar Judicial Services - Complete Report

Bihar Judicial Reservation system - Cabinet Decision

bihar judicial reservation
The Bihar Cabinet declared 50% reservation in all judicial services for candidates who belongs to the extremely backward classes, other backward classes, Schedule Caste and Schedule tribes.

The Decision has been taken in the presidentship of the Chief Minister of Bihar, Sri Nitish Kumar on Tuesday dated 27th December 2016 in the cabinet meeting.

According to the cabinet decision here are the important points :
  1. Candidates who belong to EBC will get 21 percent reservation.
  2. OBC Candidates will get 12% reservation.
  3. SC Candidates will get 16% reservation.
  4. ST Candidates will get 1% reservation.
The Reservation system will be followed in both Superior Judicial services and subordinate Judicial services. 

Principal Secretary of general admisntration department, Mr. D.S Gangwar told that earlier only subordinate classes were benefited by the reservation, but the circle of reservation was limited. He told that there will be :
  1. 35% reservation for women.
  2. 1 % for the handicapped persons in all categories.
Also there is a vacancy of 1100 for different posts. The Reservation system implemented after the recommedation from High court and discussion from BPSC - Bihar Public service commission.

Aadhar Payment App : A new way to Pay Directly linked to Bank

aadhar payment application from play store



Now to make any purchase you donot need any Plastic Card, or any payment app, for this your Aadhar is self sufficient. You will not be charged any service tax for this aadhar based transaction. 

The best thing is that other app charged and very cumbersome. This app has been created , developed by UIDAI, IDFC, and National payment cooperation of India. You all know that government has introduced this app on 19th December. 

What is Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (IRTP)?

Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy

Domain Registrant Policy 

ICANN’s new Transfer Policy (IRTP) is going to take effect. Please read further for more details.

What is Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (IRTP)?
  • The Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy (IRTP) was developed by ICANN for the safe and straightforward transfer of domain names from one registrar to another.
  • The policy contains information about the method of transferring a domain name, dispute resolution mechanism and the method of undoing the transfer if it was done as a result of an error.
  • Transfer Policy is applicable to all gTLD names and ICANN-accredited registrars, and the amended Transfer Dispute Resolution Policy (TDRP) is applicable to all gTLD names, ICANN-accredited registrars and registries.
  • These new requirements will take effect and will be enforced by ICANN, beginning on December 1, 2016.

Career as Web Developer in India and its Scope

Career as Web Developer in India and its Scope
Most Corporate Companies are using websites to promote their business and products.Website developer helps them in promoting by developing their website.

🔹 So we can say making career in this field would be bright.

To become a good Web developer, students should do professional courses to inhance creativity and technical skills.Some courses name are BSc in Multimedia,MSc in Multimedia, Master of Computer Application, Advance Diploma in Software and Web Development, Web Development programme.

Students can take admission after passing intermediate exam(10+2).After completing the course you will be hired by software companies ,Web design agencies ,online gaming companies ,Marketing firms etc .

PhonePe Application - Download by miss call at 8088680000 - Better App than Paytm

NPCL Certified PhonePe App for Digital transaction

PhonePe : India's Payments App
UPI based App to provide a cashless and a seamless payment experience.

In the era of web application world, where people have no time to breathing without having thought of future .So to make life easier web developer trying to make application software to ease people’s work.

As we are aware of Demonetization of currency led people to stand in queues to deposit or withdraw of funds. To avoid problems related to bank transactions ,an application named PhonePe is launched for making transaction comfortable and secure. This application is better than any other application.

Different features from other application (Paytm).

IDBI Bank Digital Banking solutions - Its New generation Initiative

IDBI Bank Digital Banking solutions : 
Its time for Cashless Transaction

Presenting you the solution of payment without using cash to our new generation

This is.the time where we do transactions very easily and can control our account confidently.Our economy is moving towards cashless economy, therfore IDBI introduces various modes of payment to digital banking solutions so that transactions can be made comfortable and secure.

1. Payment using CARDS: 

a)Debit cards,  b)Credit cards, c) Prepaid cards.

IDBI banks cards ensure people that all types of transaction is acceptable all over the globe.

Kaun Banega Crorepati Registration to be started early in 2017

Kbc 2017 registration news
Kaun Banega Crorepati Registration Information 2017. 
Kaun Banega Crorepati 

Registration for the show to be start soon...... 

Exiciting news is coming from the Kaun Banega Crorepati Desk that the show will begin yet again in 2017. All new fresh season will start from mid of next year but advertisement,  Registration,  Audition will start much early probably from mid Jan to Feb of 2017.

Go Digital and Be a Crorepati : Read How



Digital payment
If you have not start using digital payment yet then start now. Our government is going to start a new scheme on the eve of new year.Under this scheme,a lucky winner can get a prize money of rupees one crore.NPCIL is directed to start this scheme by NITI AAYOG.

Some Important Full form of the Basic terms : Must know

☞. *P D F* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Portable Document Format.*

☞. *H T M L* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Hyper Text Mark up Language.*

☞. *N E F T* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *National Electronic Fund Transfer.*

☞. *M I C R* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Magnetic Inc Character Recognition.*

☞. *I F S C* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Indian Financial System Code.*

☞. *I S P* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Internet Service Provider.*

☞. *E C S* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Electronic Clearing System.*

☞. *C S T* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Central Sales Tax.*

☞. *CRR* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Cash Reserve Ratio.*

☞. *U D P* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *User Datagram Protocol.*

☞. *R T C* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Real Time Clock.*

☞. *I P* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Internet Protocol.*

.☞. *C A G* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Comptroller and Auditor General.*

.☞. *F E R A* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Foreign Exchange Regulation Act.*

☞. *I S R O* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *International Space Research organization.*

☞. *I S D N* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Integrated Services Digital Network.*
☞. *SAARC* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *South Asian Association for Regional co –operation.*

☞. *O M R* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Optical Mark Recognition.*

☞. *A H R L* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Asian Human Right Commission.*

☞. *J P E G* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Joint photo Expert Group.*

☞. *U. R. L.* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Uniform Resource Locator.*

☞. *I R D P* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Integrated Rural Development programme.*

☞. *A. S. L. V.* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Augmented satellite Launch vehicle.*

☞. *I. C. U.* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Intensive Care Unit.*

☞. *A. T. M.* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Automated Teller Machine.*

☞. *C. T. S.* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Cheque Transaction System.*

☞. *C. T. R* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Cash Transaction Receipt.*

☞. *N E F T* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *National Electronic Funds Transfer.*

☞. *G D P* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Gross Domestic Product.*

☞. *F D I* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Foreign Direct Investment .*

☞. *E P F O* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Employees Provident Fund Organization.*

☞. *C R R* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Cash Reserve Ratio.*

☞. *CFRA* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Combined Finance & Revenue Accounts.*

☞. *GPF* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *General Provident Fund.*

☞. *GMT* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Global Mean Time.*

☞. *GPS* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Global Positioning System.*

☞. *GNP* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Gross National Product.*

☞. *SEU* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Slightly Enriched Uranium.*

☞. *GST* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- गुड्स एण्ड सर्विस टैक्स *(Goods and ServiceTax).*

☞. *GOOGLE* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Global Organization Of Oriented GroupLanguage Of Earth.*

☞. *YAHOO* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle .*

☞. *WINDOW* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Wide Interactive Network Development forOffice work Solution .*

☞. *COMPUTER* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Common Oriented Machine ParticularlyUnited and used under Technical and EducationalResearch.*

☞. *VIRUS* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Vital Information Resources Under Siege.*

☞. *UMTS* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Universal Mobile TelecommunicationsSystem.*

☞. *AMOLED* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode.*

☞. *OLED* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Organic light-emitting diode*

☞. *IMEI* का मतलब है ?
उत्तर:- *International Mobile EquipmentIdentity.*

☞. *ESN* का मतलब है?
उत्तर:- *Electronic Serial Number

Jio free service continued to 31st March 2017.

Dear Customer,
THANK YOU for being part of the growing Jio family and showing your love. We are 50 million strong and growing. As a gesture of appreciation, we are extending your free benefits till 31st Mar 2017. Related communication to follow. We look forward to your continued feedback and support.
Team Jio

Employment Exchange Registration Bihar ncs.gov.in

Registration in Employment Exchange has now got much easier.  Now you need to register yourself on the website ncs.gov.in i.e on the National Career Service website.

Here is the website for National Career website.

Well,  you can read more here....  For the complete information on registration,  how to do,  how to do it.

Register Yourself Now

NGC (Nano GPS Chip ₹2000 Rupees Notes

*why RBI is issuing ₹2000 Rupees Notes *

The Rs 2000 currency is designed keeping in mind to eradicate the black money issues using state of the art indigenous nano technology, every Rs. 2000 currency note is embedded with a *NGC (Nano GPS Chip)*

*How the embeded NGC Technology Works?*
The unique feature of the NGC is it dosent need any power source. It only acts as a signal reflector. When a Satellite sends a signal requesting location the NGC reflects back the signal from the location, giving precise location coordinates, and the serial number of the currency back to the satellite, this way every NGC embedded currency can be easily tracked & located even if it is kept 120 meters below ground level. The NGC cant be tampered with or removed without damaging the currency note

*How will this help eradicate black money menace?*
Since every NGC embeded currency can be tracked. The satellite can identify the exact amount of money stored at a certain location. If a relatively high concentration of currency is found a certain location for a longer period of time at suspicious locations other than banks & other financial institutions. The information will be passed on to the Income Tax Department for further investigation

Surgical Strike on Indian Rupee - What to do now with old Notes of 500 and 1000 Notes

Surgical Strike on Indian Rupee - What to do now with old Notes of 500 and 1000 Notes

Surgical Strike on Indian Rupee - What to do now with old Notes of 500 and 1000 Notes ?

अब क्या होगा  मेरे ५०० और १००० के नोट्स का 

1. All the notes of 500 and 1000 will be officially illegical from midnight of 8th November 2016.

2. You have to show Identity in Banks to exchange all the notes, so you will in great trouble if you have.

3. Important government offices,Bus stop, Railway counters, Petrol Pumps will accept the notes.

4. You will be given 50 Days grace time to change your notes.

5. Government has taken this step to have control over illegical Black money.

राष्ट्र के नाम अपने संबोधन में प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी ने बड़ा ऐलान किया है। उन्होंने कहा है कि 8 नवंबर-9 नवंबर की मध्यरात्रि से 500 और 1000 के नोट बंद हो जाएंगे। पीएम ने कहा, '500 और 1000 रुपये के पुराने नोट 10 नवंबर से 30 दिसंबर 2016 तक आप अपने बैंक या डाकघर के खाते में जमा करवा सकते हैं।' 

जनता को संबोधित करते हुए उन्होंने कहा कि आपकी धनराशि आपकी ही रहेगी, आपको कोई चिंता करने की जरूरत नहीं है। किसी कारणवश अगर आप 30 दिसंबर तक ये नोट जमा नहीं कर पाए, तो आपको एक आखिरी अवसर भी दिया जाएगा। आपके पास 50 दिनों का समय है।

500 और 1000 के नोटों के अलावा बाकी सभी नोट और सिक्के नियमित हैं और उनसे लेन-देन हो सकता है।

मुख्य बातें:

-अंतरराष्ट्रीय हवाईअड्डों पर विदेश से आ रहे या जा रहे लोगों के पास यदि पुराने नोट हैं तो ऐसे नोटों की 5000 रुपये तक की राशि को नये और मान्य नोटों से बदलने की सुविधा दी जाएगी: पीएम मोदी

-सार्वजनिक क्षेत्र के पेट्रोल और सीएनजी गैस स्टेशन पर भी 11 नवंबर की रात 12 बजे तक पुराने नोट स्वीकार करने की छूट होगी: पीएम मोदी

-इसी तरह 72 घंटों तक रेलवे के टिकट बुकिंग काउंटर, सरकारी बसों के टिकट बुकिंग काउंटर और हवाई अड्डों पर भी केवल टिकट खरीदने के लिए पुराने नोट मान्य होंगे: पीएम मोदी

-11 नवंबर की रात्रि 12 बजे तक सभी सरकारी अस्पतालों में पुराने 500 के नोट भुगतान के लिए स्वीकार किए जाएंगे: पीएम मोदी

-11 नवंबर की रात्रि 12 बजे तक नागरिकों के लिए कुछ विशेष व्यवस्था की है: पीएम मोदी

-9 और 10 नवंबर को ATM काम नहीं करेंगे: पीएम मोदी

[08/11, 22:03] Jobsnews102: नई दिल्ली: प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी ने मंगलवार रात को राष्ट्र के नाम संबोधन में बड़ी घोषणा करते हुए कहा कि आज मध्यरात्रि से 500 और 1000 रुपये के नोट गैर-कानूनी हो जाएंगे. उन्‍होंने कहा कि लोगों को परेशान होने की जरूरत नहीं है, 30 दिसंबर तक 500 और 1000 रुपये के पुराने नोट बैंकों और डाकघरों में जमा कराए जा सकते हैं.

कुछ कारणों से जो लोग 1,000 रुपये और 500 रुपये के नोट 30 दिसंबर तक जमा नहीं करा सकेंगे, वे लोग पहचान पत्र दिखाकर 31 मार्च, 2017 तक नोट बदलवा सकेंगे. 9 नवंबर को बैंकों में पब्लिक डीलिंग नहीं होगी.

पीएम मोदी ने कहा कि कुछ जगहों पर अगले दो दिनों तक एटीएम काम नहीं करेंगे. रेलवे स्टेशनों, बस अड्डों पर फिलहाल इन नोटों से टिकट खरीदने पर छूट है. अस्पताल में अगले 72 घंटे तक यह छूट उपलब्ध है.

प्रधानमंत्री मोदी ने कहा कि आतंकवाद की भयावहता कौन नहीं जानता. आतंकवाद और जाली नोटों का जाल देश को तबाह कर रहा है. इन आतंकियों को कहां से पैसा नसीब होता होगा. काले धन का उल्लेख करते हुए उन्होंने कहा कि इसके खिलाफ हमने एसआईटी बनाई, कानून बनाया. विदेशों का काला धन लाने के लिए समझौते किए.
भ्रष्टाचारियों से हम सवा लाख करोड़ रुपये का काला धन वापस लाए. उन्होंने कहा कि भ्रष्टाचार और आतंकवाद के खिलाफ निर्णायक लड़ाई जरूरी है. 500 से 1000 रुपये के नोट 80 से 90 फीसदी हो गए हैं.

प्रधानमंत्री ने अपने संबोधन में कहा कि ग्‍लोबल समय का भारत चमकता हुआ सितारा बना है. पीएम ने कहा कि सबका साथ, सबका विकास हमारा मूल मंत्र है. उन्‍होंने कहा कि हमारी सरकार गरीबों के लिए समर्पित है, इस वर्ग को ध्‍यान में रखकर जन धन और जनसुरक्षा जैसी योजनाएं चलाई गई हैं.

पीएम मोदी ने कहा कि आदिवासियों और दलितों के लिए हमने योजनाएं चलाई हैं. सरकार गांव, गरीबों और किसानों को समर्पित है. गरीबी हटाने में भ्रष्‍टाचार और काला धन सबसे बड़ी बाधा है. हिन्दुस्तान का सामान्य नागरिक ईमानदार है.
[08/11, 22:05] Jobsnews102: -11 नवंबर तक पुराने नोटों से रेल, हवाई और सरकारी बसों के टिकट खरीदे जा सकेंगे
[08/11, 22:05] Jobsnews102: मंगलवार आधी रात से तत्काल प्रभाव से 500 और 1000 रुपये के नोटों का चलन रोक दिया गया है। जिन लोगों के पास 500 और 1000 रुपये के नोट हैं, वो अपने पहचान पत्र के साथ बैंक और डाकखाने में जमा करा सकते हैं। मंगलवार आधी रात के बाद से 500 और 1000 रुपये के ये नोट  कागज के एक टुकड़े के बराबर होंगे। पुराने नोट बदलने के लिए 10 नवंबर से 30 दिसंबर तक का समय निर्धारित किया गया है। 9 और 10 नवंबर को देश के ज्यादातर ATM भी बंद रहेंगे। 9 नवंबर को सभी बैंक बंद रहेंगे। रिजर्व बैंक जल्दी ही 500 और 2000 रुपये के नए नोट बाजार में लाएगी।

Watch the video below officially to get the complete Information.

National Career Service India - Apply online - Employment Exchange for All District & State

National Career Service India - Apply online - Employment Exchange for All District & State

Attention to All Job Seekers who want to register themselves in Employment Exchange

Earlier all the state of India has their their Employment Exchange offices in every District of Bihar. Each time to get jobs and job information it was mandatory for them to register themselves. NCO codes were generated according to the basis of their qualification. All the offices of Employment Exchange were under Department Labour Resources.

www.7nischay-yuvaupmission.bihar.gov.in - Website to Apply online for Berojgari Bhatta

www.7nischay-yuvaupmission.bihar.gov.in - Website to Apply online for Berojg



New Website for Applying for Berojgari Bhatta - Credit Card


Hindi email Gmail rediff yahoo address - Create yours now

Now you can easily create a Email-ID in Indian language.

Well,  we usually, almost and every where we see  email ID being used in English language.  Now question is that can we have email ID in Hindi language.  Well,  it's an easy for now buts it's possible right now.

Indian internet users are increasing regularly that's why the major tech companies are giving  support for the development of Hindi language,  as we are observing sites are now more eco-friendly in Hindi language.

The world major technology company like Microsoft,  Google,  and Indian company like rediff may start email based on Hindi language soon. 

According to the report of Economic times,  Government has asked the Email providers company to give support for hindi based email address.

According to Microsoft,  their email software support only international email address. Other than that Google mail has already started support for non-latin language like Devnagari and Chinese. 

According to company blog Gmail users can receive and send of emails of characters.  Rediff told that company can start email support in local language in an easy way but government has to lower down internet rates to Rs. 50/- so that common people must have access to it.  Hope Hindi website will rise soon.